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Tips For everyone!

Tips Of The Day. If you have problems, or, Just need help then tell us the problem. We will give you tips, and the best edvice we can. So talk to us…..We Are Here To Help! Also, we will be posting random tips… if you have that problem, you don’t have to even ask about it. Thank you, and plz comment!


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  1. Tip 1-
    If you are feeling down, or bummed for any reason, talk it out with a friend, and they will help you.

  2. Tip 2-
    If you are feeling guilty about something you did, talk with your parents, and ask them for their help, and see what they think you should do. Your parents are there for you when you need it, remember that.

  3. Tip 3-
    never give up. if you are trying your hardest to do something you think is important, don’t quit. try it different ways until you make it work. quitting something you do is like quitting your self. to be successful, you have to believe in yourself, and keep trying.

  4. you know these tips are really helpful

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