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News Of The Day.

News Of The Day. This is where the daily news for me will be set. Feel free to comment on the news.


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  1. 6-20-11
    Hey guys, this is pamieboo. Today is the day Im doing all this editing. All the changes I made so far…..I did today. I lost my old stuff, so this is all new. I plan To keep editing until it is perfect, though. 🙂

  2. 6-21-11
    hello. today was SUPER FUN!!!!! i went to the governor square mall with my sister, and my two cousins!!!! i bought a bunch of cute things!!! we had a BLAST!!!! 🙂

    i have made most of my editing on this website. i am still making few touch-ups, though. like for example: i have to update on the news, like i am. also, i have to put up more tips for, “tips of the day.” anyways, i have to do all that, and i will be putting more pages, once i figure out what i am going to do.

    going to a sleep over, going to have an awesome night!!!!!

  3. i just made all stars and won state tournament

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