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Friendly chat

This is a place for friendly. Conversation. If you have an idea, question, or comment, just place here. This is also a place for conversations with your friends, and I. You have to speak with kind language, though. No cussing, or talking about bad things. That is why it is called “friendly” conversation. Thank you, and enjoy!


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  1. Hey everyone. Whats up? How is everyone doing? I cant wait to get viewers to talk with! Please comment if you would like to talk to me! 🙂 thx

  2. i would rather talk to leanne than pamala

  3. colt/pink princess pony said:

    i would wrather talk to leanne more than pamala

  4. lol colt ur soooo funny!!!! 🙂

  5. why dont u email me its making me sad

  6. 😦 😦 im sry im sry!!!!!!! i havnt gotten on my e-mail in 3 days!!!!!! i havnt been felling well….but i will e-mail u i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. awwwww yay thx!!!!!!!!!! its ok im better now! 🙂

  8. Hey to hey to the hey to the hey to the hey to the hey to the hiii!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I MISS U ALL! Guess what!? Ive gotten less weird over the past 3 weeks… ********************************************************************************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

    SIKE! I totally just pwned u! SHABOOM! Ok so hey,… hey… so hey… HOW HAS UR SUMMER BEEN! Ok so colt, on the bus at summer camp, i took this guy’s titon… he got mad at me 😛 I gave it back 0.0 hey guess what!! CHIKKKKAAAN BUTT! No im jk! I went to Atlanta and went to stone mountain, the braves baseball game, white water park ( six flags ), georgia aquarium and coke place… IT WAS AWESOME! The hotel had… omg it made me so happy that i almost cried… MINTS!!! COLT, LEANNE, THEY HAD MINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Hana gave me A WHOLE BAG of MINTS at the end of the last school day! I miss u guyz! Tell me about ur summer…. two days ago I got the book Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, for my montford book report… IM ALREADY ON PAGE 150!!! WOOHOO! ttyl! 😛 😛 😛

    • oh my gosh ashlyn……SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!! lol jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk but btw….i knew the whole time that u never became less crazy!!!!!!!!!! i mean….its in ur blood, its in our blood!!!!! lol well anywayzzzzzz my summer has been ok so far! but this is going to be the best summer i have ever had!!!! bc im going to a bech to camp out on the 4th of july, im going to panima cty beach for a week when my brother gets home…..and we r gonna go pairsailing!!!!! IM GOING TO BE UP SOOOO HIGH IN THE AIR!!!!! and we r doing a bunch more fun stuff!!!! yayayayay so how was ur summer so far??? no way… had MINTS!?!?!? i wish i was there!!!! WOW ur aLLready on page 150?!?!? i got the book rules….and im on page 31….lololololollo well ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. a


    Anyways. OMG IM GOING TO PANAMA CITY BEACH THIS YEAR IN LIKE SEPTEMBER! I am soooo excited about middle school! And omg thats so cool!! I would love to go up that high, im just u know… ehem… afraid… of…um…of…farris wheels! 0.0

    • hahahhaha!!!!!!!! :))))) ya…if ur afraid or the farris wheel, then u would be scared of pairsailing…….bc u go up like 100 feet or something in the air!!!!!!!!!! heheheheh!!!!!!

  10. and its not only in our blood… its in our blonde

  11. soooooooo, whats up ashlyn and colt?

  12. i know right…im sry i wish i had 1 soooo bad!!!!! but i saw ur profile with pam…she sent u a friend request….oh btw….did u accept of decline he???? the only way i could talk to u on fb is with pam sooooo i hope u accepted….lol! 🙂 but i luv ur profile pic…..u and bayne and who ever the other person is r sooooo cute!!!!! :)))))) lolololollo!!!!! its super cute!!!! im serious! 🙂

  13. interesting…

    • lol, ASHLYN! that was to colt! lol im serious!!!! if u have a friend that gets on fb…..get on it with her and ask them to check his!!!!!!!!! lololololo 🙂 in the pic he is with bayne and some other guy and they are like 5 or 6 or something…its super cute!

      • the other guy is my best friend brandon he goes to desoto trails pamala knows him

  14. oh lol colt well ill ask her bout it….oh and did u accept pam on fb??? thats the only way i can talk to u on fb!!!!!!!!!

    • yea i did she has some weird pictures in her album

      • Lol I know…she has stupid pics, cute pics, weird pics, and lazy pics!!! Lol she has pics of me on there and all of them she put the stupid looking ones…..
        guess what….I got contacts!……well a contact…so no more stupid glasses!!!! Yayaya ill send pics on e-mail!!!! Yayayaya

  15. Sydney and Amanda have fbs and ive been on amandas b4 so maybe i could talk to u sometime leanne 😀

  16. im so confuzzled… at the end of this page it says TAG CLOUD… WHAT CLOUD YA DINGDONG!?


  18. Wow, neither of you have been on here yet :/

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